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B.Brite Solutions, a renowned event management firm, is proud to announce a new partnership with Cigent, a pioneering cybersecurity company. This partnership will see B.Brite Solutions taking the reins in orchestrating events for Cigent, spanning conferences, seminars, and industry gatherings, throughout the upcoming year.

With cybersecurity being at the forefront of global concerns, Cigent has emerged a leader in providing innovative solutions to safeguard sensitive data and combat digital threats. The decision to entrust B.Brite Solutions with their event management needs underscores Cigent's commitment to excellence and signifies a strategic move towards enhancing their brand presence and engagement within the cybersecurity community.

"We are excited to join forces with Cigent in managing their events and bringing their groundbreaking solutions to the forefront of the cybersecurity landscape," said Keith Flemming, Co-founder of B.Brite Solutions. "Cigent's commitment to redefining endpoint security aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver exceptional event experiences that engage and educate audiences."

Cigent's technology has garnered recognition for its efficacy, having achieved various certifications from esteemed organizations such as NIST, NIAP, and NSA. Trusted by US federal agencies and backed by In-Q-Tel, Cigent's solutions have demonstrated their effectiveness in protecting sensitive data in the most demanding environments.

"We are thrilled to partner with B.Brite Solutions to elevate our event experiences and amplify our message of data protection in today's threat landscape," said Brett Hansen, Chief Growth Officer of Cigent. "By leveraging B.Brite Solutions' expertise in event management, we aim to engage with audiences worldwide and showcase the transformative potential of Cigent's technologies in safeguarding critical data."

About B.Brite Solutions: B.Brite Solutions is a leading event management firm specializing in creating unforgettable experiences for clients across industries. With a dedicated team of professionals and a commitment to thoughtful experiences, B.Brite Solutions transforms visions into reality, delivering events that captivate and educate audiences and positively impacts ROI and pipeline.

About Cigent: Cigent is a cybersecurity company dedicated to protecting businesses and individuals from digital threats. Through innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies, Cigent empowers organizations to safeguard their data and mitigate cybersecurity risks effectively. With a focus on continuous innovation and customer satisfaction, Cigent is redefining cybersecurity for the digital age. #EventManagement #EventROI #EventPlanning #TradeShowManagement #TradeshowPlanning #TradesShowROI #PipelineInvestment