Keith Flemming, Founder, B. Brite SolutionsKeith Flemming, Founder, B. Brite Solutions

We are a collective of proven agents focused on increasing ROI and pipeline growth through strategic event planning and brand perception management. Collectively we have helped to take companies from start-up to Unicorn status in unprecedented time frames.

Working closely with sales AND marketing teams at Start-Up and Fortune 500 companies we have helped to create alignment that ensures successful event execution and increased brand awareness.

Our Team

Matt Smith - Design Director

Keith Flemming

"If businesses want to be taken seriously, they need to be authentic. Impactful creative solutions depend on that. My job is to ensure design systems and communications align with brand strategy in order to deliver specific authentic experiences that strengthen customer relationships and drive company growth."

Sharon Wilson
Board Member/Advisor

"I am an Innovative thinker, and doer. When opportunities come in the way of marketing, events management, operational business effectiveness, and new business growth I ensure processes go smoothly. With a focus on start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, I improve cross-departmental collaboration methods and empower decision makers to confidently deliver on marketing and sales goals."

Matt Smith
Design Director

"Through a Caas lens, I manage team activities creating practical pipeline growth solutions with nuanced customer journeys. With a focus on information architecture, interaction design and user-centered design, I map out the overall processes for building brand equity and customer loyalty."

Sophia Farina

"I help companies align creative, marketing, and sales to measure, grow, and close opportunities.
My deep expertise in building cross-functional collaboration and leveraging technologies to drive operational excellence are my contribution to businesses and the B. Brite team. Winning as a team to meet business goals and deliver customer success is how we excel."